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Skill Development Mentoring

Skill Development Mentoring is the process of having a professionally trained, more experienced coach observes an actual coaching session and providing feedback specifically focused on the International Coaching Federation's (ICF's) Core Coaching Competencies. Additionally, this work can often include working with the coach to support them with specific client issues and challenges that occur while coaching clients (coaching supervision). The purpose of this program is to assist the coach in their professional development as a coach and to have a resource for support with clients during their journey toward mastery.

For purposes of graduation and certification by Coach U, Skill Development Mentoring must be provided by a CU graduate who is also an ICF credentialed coach at the PCC or MCC certification level.  This is also a requirement of the ICF to obtain their global professional credentials (ACC/PCC/MCC).  Please note the definition of Mentor Coaching by the ICF correlates with our Skills Development Mentor/Supervision option.  For credentialing purposes the ICF's definition of Mentor coaching is:

 For purposes of Credentialing, mentor coaching means an applicant being directly observed and mentored on their coaching competencies and skills rather than coaching on practice building, life balance, or other topics unrelated to the development of an applicant's coaching skill.

Professional Essentials Program (PEP) & Core Essentials Program (CEP) Information

One of the requirements for the Professional Essentials Program (PEP) graduation is an observed session with written feedback provided by ICF certified coach at the PCC or MCC certification level.  This letter should also include the level of skill at which your mentor coach believes you are coaching (ACC, PCC, etc) is required.

For the Core Essential Graduates (CEG) who are interested in applying to the ICF for their ACC credential via the Portfolio Track, 10 hours of mentor coaching over a minimum of three (3) months is required.

**NOTE that the ICF requires 10 hours of Skills Development Mentoring (Mentor Coaching) for the ACC designation.  For more information on the ICF standards please go to the ICF website at:  See below for the Coach U Certified Graduate info.

Eligibility: As noted, the Skill Development Mentoring/Supervision option is available to all students and graduates of Coach U at anytime. Providing observation and feedback on skills requires additional mentoring skills, competencies and time. Those coaches that hold the Professional Mentor Coach (PMC) designation have met a number of requirements specific to mentoring, have demonstrated experience, and must meet ongoing training and development requirements. Most PMC's provide supervision and all are trained Coach U and often are also ICF assessors.

Timing: Students and graduates engage in Skill Development mentoring at least six months in advance of applying for any credential such as Coach U' s certified graduation designation (CUCG) and/or ICF s designations (ACC, PCC or MCC).

Primary Focus Areas: While focus may be on all three mentor coach areas (practice development, personal development, and professional development), there is an emphasis on professional development and includes coaching competency skill development (observation with written feedback). As part of the required 10 hours of mentoring, this usually includes at least two to four observed coaching sessions with written feedback around the core coaching competencies.

Fee Structures: The special "Professional Mentor Coaching Program" fee that includes Skill Development Mentoring/Supervision (observation with written feedback) is $450 per month for 3x40minute sessions (or 2x60minutes sessions) and includes observed sessions. This special Supervision Coaching rate is usually available for a period up to six months, after which the rate may convert to the mentor coach's regular professional rate if desired.

Expectations: When having a coaching session observed and reviewed, you should expect a through written feedback specific to each of the ICF core coaching competency areas. It is recommended that the Coaching Session Review Form be used for the written feedback. A sample follows:

Coaching Session Review Form

Coach's Name (first & last):


Reviewer's ICF Certification Designation (as appropriate):

Date of Review:

Person Coached (first name):

This review form is to be used to review/supervise a coaching session. Please provide feedback to the coach on each competency category individually. Refer to/use the competency definitions and descriptions as defined by the ICF ( Add feedback/observations, as appropriate, under each competency.

 Demonstrates Ethical Practice (includes Coaching Mindset)


 Establishing Coaching Session Agreement


Cultivates Trust and Safety with the Client


Maintains Coaching Presence


Listens Actively


Evokes Awareness (includes Questioning)


Facilitates Client Growth (includes planning/progress & Accountability)


Areas of Competency Strength:

Recommendations for Competency Improvement:

 Additional Remarks/Feedback:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I am past the six-month period as a new student, am I still eligible for this special Mentoring with Supervision program?

A: Yes, the Skill Development Mentor/Supervision program is available to all students at any time. The intent is to support our students as they progress toward certification by meeting the supervised sessions requirements for CUCG.


Q: What can I expect from my coach when providing observation and feedback?

A: After a Professional Mentor Coach has observed an actual coaching session, they typically will provide some verbal feedback during one of your coaching sessions, often followed by a detailed written/completed Coaching Session Review Form.


Q: When applying for Coach U's Certified Graduate designation, is there a time limit on coaching session feedbacks?

A: No, there is no time limit. Observing coaching sessions and providing feedback is intended to be over a number of months (usually six), to provide you an opportunity to transfer the feedback into your coaching.


Q: How many Coaching Session Review Forms are needed for application for CU Certified Graduate since I want to apply for the ACC or PCC through the ACTP Track?

A: A total of four (4) observed coaching sessions with a written feedback form on each of the sessions is required for CUCG designation.


Q: Can I record a coaching session and have several different coaches review and provide written feedback on that same coaching session?

A: Not for purposes of meeting the requirements for the CU Certified Graduate designation, which is intended to be a stepping-stone toward the PCC designation through the ACTP track. However, if you are looking for another coach to observe an actual coaching session for purposes of providing your second letter of recommendation, you can use the same recorded session. But for purposes of CU certification, four different sessions must be observed with four individual written feedbacks.


Q: Where can I find the suggested Coaching Session Review Form?

A: The Coaching Session Review is above.  You are welcome to copy and paste the form into a blank document. Additonally, your mentor coach may have a review form.


Q: Which coaches are participating in the Professional Mentor Coaching Program?

A: Please review the PMC Bio Page, which contains a brief bio, contact information, interview questions, etc.  Click here