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Professional Essentials

Phase 2 of our Professional Coach Training Program is designed for Phase 1: Core Essentials graduates and for already credentialed ICF Coaches. This intermediate to advanced program will refine your core coaching competency and give the skills to master your coaching practice.

Professional Essentials (PE) Facts
Who This Is For
Delivery Method
  • Coach U Core Essentials graduates
  • Already credentialed ICF coaches can transfer into the PE
  • Coaches looking for intermediate to advance level training coursework
  • People who want to become well-trained and masterful credentialed coaches
  • Experienced coaches who want to become a Professional Certified Coach through the ICF
  • Internal corporate and organizational coaches responsible for developing a strong coaching culture within their organization
  • Individuals who are interested in developing coaching skills to incorporate into other positions or professions
  • Coaches looking to blend Coach U approach with other philosophies
  • ACC credentialed, or have ACSTH (ICF) approved training, who are ready to continue their training (PE-Transfer)

What people have to say about our Professional Essentials

  • The approach that Coach U adopted was serious, practical, and honoring the coaching sphere. There is close attention to standards and code of ethics. It is a fun and useful learning experience.

    Ebrahim Elebiary, PEP Student/Graduate, 2021

  • Coach U has been a phenomenal investment. I have gained skills, knowledge, and experience that give me a strong foundation for my coaching career. Most importantly, I have established deep connections and friendships with fellow Coach U students and amazing Coach U instructors.

    Chris Carlock, PEP Student/Graduate, 2021

  • What Coach U teaches you is beyond being a Coach. It helps you to be a better person to support family, friends and community. I have used the coaching approach on all walks of my life and it has become an inspiration to move me forward beyond my imagination and realize my potential. Thank you Coach U for all you do to progress the Coaching world.

    Ganga Siebertz, PE Graduate, 2021

  • I loved the flexibility of classes, hours and Coach/Facilitators. The range of classes was excellent.

    Daniel Blackburn, PEP Student/Graduate, 2021

  • Loved my training experience with Coach U. I have highly valued the caliber of coaches and trainers along the way. I found these individuals to be highly competent and committed to this practice, and always willing to support and help the students. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone considering coaching.

    Adrian Klemme, PEP Student/Graduate, 2021

  • Coach U has provided some of the best training I've experienced. The instructors and staff have been knowledgeable and supportive. Coach U is the best place for Coach training in my opinion!

    Christy Stratton, PEP Student/Graduate, 2021

  • I've not only learned how to really listen and challenge my clients in order to bring out their best, but I've also found the Coach U training to be transformative in every aspect of my life as well.

    Dianna Murray, PEP Student/Graduate, 2021

  • Coach U Advance Coaching Program has given me a stronger foundation and framework for growing my coaching skills.

    Elvin Gibson, PE Student/Graduate, 2021

  • This program changed my life. I had no idea about the growth I would experience and now I am on a whole new level where I can truly serve my clientele at a higher standard. I'm very grateful for Coach U and will always be glad I attended these courses. My teachers were amazing, the content is amazing. Incredible school!

    Joseph Littell, PE Student/Graduate, 2021

  • The skills I learned at Coach U have provided me with valuable skills that I use in my business. The behavioral coaching questions have been a great help in "peeling the onion" of my clients has proven invaluable in my problem-solving. I am proud that I have the credibility of being taught by Coach U's wonderful coaches.

    Joanne M., PE Graduate, 2021

Why take our Professional Essentials?

Professional Essentials - 200+ hours of coach training

200+ hours of coach training led by PCC and MCC level instructors

Professional Essentials for both individual and organizational coaching

Wide range of both individual and organizational coaching topics

Professional Essentials - Become Accredited

Deepen your practice of ICF’s Core Coaching Competencies

Provides you with the necessary training hours for your PCC

What you will learn

  • Next level expression of the ICF Core Coaching Competencies
  • Navigating Practical Ethics Situations through the Lens of ICF Codes of Conduct
  • Myths and Misconceptions in Coaching
  • Elements of Creating a Coaching Culture
  • Expand Coaching Business or Internal Coaching Culture
  • Practical Application of Coaching Skills with Feedback
  • Navigate challenging coaching scenarios
  • Deepening your Professional Foundation
  • To Trust the Process of Coaching without the need to give (tell) answers
  • Sales Strategies to grow your practice or business
  • Detailed Pathway to gaining the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) Credential with the ICF

Course Curriculum

  • Personal Foundation Lv 2
  • Personal Foundation Lv 3
  • Professional Foundation
  • Coaching Framework
  • Contextual Listening
  • Evoking Awareness
  • Contextual Listening
  • Corporate Coaching Conversation Model
  • Diversity Issues
  • Ethics in Coaching
  • Personal Coaching Styles Inventory (PCSI)
  • Coaching Framework Supervision Practicum
  • Advanced Coaching and Supervision Practicum

Sample Elective Courses

  • Coaching the Executive
  • Coaching the Entrepreneur
  • Coaching the Manager
  • Coaching the Professional
  • Coaching the Sales Professional
  • Diversity Issues
  • Coaching Business Teams
  • Internal Corporate Coaching
  • Context for Collaboration
  • Corporate Conversation Practicum
  • Coaching the Essence
  • Intuition
  • Attraction
  • Creating the Vision
  • Overview/Skills for Group Coaching
  • Group Coaching Practicum
  • Strong Start - Business Development Lab
  • Marketing and Selling - External Corporate/Business Practice
  • Marketing and Selling - Private Practice
  • Context for Collaboration
  • Corporate Conversation Practicum
Professional Essentials FAQs
When can I start?
How long does it take to graduate to complete the program?
What are the next steps after completing?
What about program materials & policies?

There are two ways to qualify for the program. The first is to be a Core Essentials or Core Essentials Fast Track. You may enroll as soon as all requirements have been met for these programs.

The second is to be an individual who has a minimum certification of ACC by the ICF or who have completed an ACSTH or Level 1 training program. Our Professional Essentials Transfer (PE-T) is appropriate for individuals who wish to continue their training at Coach U. Transfer students will need to verify their credentials, take an entrance exam ($375 USD), and complete prerequisite coursework.

Once enrolled in the PE, new courses typically start the first week of the following month.

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