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Coaching Clinic Licensing Program (CCLP)

This program is a train-the-trainer (T3) licensing program. Participants gain a license to facilitate Coach U's 2-day Coaching Clinic as an internal or public program. Our Coaching Clinic has earned the reputation as a comprehensive, yet easy-to-implement training for on-the-job coaching skills for managers, supervisors and leaders.

Coaching Clinic Licensing Program Facts
Who This Is For
Delivery Method
  • Human resources professionals
  • Training and development professionals
  • Leadership teams that want to create a culture of coaching in their organizations
  • Managers, supervisors, and leaders who want to use a "coach approach" with their teams
  • Internal coaches
  • External coaches and consultants looking to augment their offerings and add another revenue channel to their practice

What people have to say about our Coaching Clinic Licensing Program

  • “The Coaching Clinic and Facilitator Licensing Programs are extremely effective in teaching the coaching skills required for individuals to immediately apply coaching in their work and personal environment and to bring coaching to corporations. The most powerful aspects of the program are the simplicity of the material, and the variety of ways used to deliver and reinforce the information. If you are looking to bring coaching to corporations, the clinic is a great place to start.”

    - Susan V., Sales and Competency Strategist IBM Sales Center of Excellence

  • “Our managers really learned from The Coaching Clinics about having a meaningful conversation with their staff. They have moved from thinking they (the manager) had to have an immediate answer to getting the person they coach to come up with a solution to a path to a solution. Our managers really like coaching, and do it because they feel like it enhances their ability to get work done and accomplish meaningful things.”

    - Tom T., Vice President O’Neal Inc

  • “Many people find discovering the power of coaching to be a revelation. In my 30 years in the corporate world and in my 15 years as president of the corporation, the most powerful experience I had was my formal training with Corporate Coach U (Coaching Clinic Facilitator and Corporate Coach) in terms of growth as a leader.”

    - Wayne J., Former President, Kodak’s Eastman Gelatine Corporation

  • “As I went through the Coaching Clinic, I began to realize that coach training makes an excellent tool for gaining the skills required for giving good feedback. Once people get a taste of coaching, they really embrace the concept that coaching not only helps them work more effectively with other staff, but also that it adds skills to their portfolio. The continuing result is that all of this feeds into our major initiative of performance excellence.”

    - Mike M., Director of HRU Abbott Laboratories

  • “Introducing CCU to supervisory and managerial staff was a fundamental skills refresher and enhancement to work towards a more useful performance management strategy. The coaching conversation model provides a usable tool for diverse situations. It works and builds confidence in the user and provides a basis of communication in which all parties are heard and understood. The initial feedback at the Assembly is enthusiastic.”

    - Marilyn A., Director, Human Resources Ontario Legislative Assembly

  • “The Coaching Clinic has become the cornerstone training program for our Professional Business Advisor (PBA) development program. CCU has trained over 150 MEP senior consultants who serve small manufacturers throughout the United States. The coaching skills learned enable our PBAs to build strategic relationships with the CEO and executive team and support the client to develop their own strategic road map for enterprise-wide transformation. ”

    - Dan P., Strategic Management Services, U.S. National Institute of Standards & Technology.

  • “The Coaching Clinic was an on-going gift to me. Like any really good investment, it is paying a lot of interest and as I revisit the materials from time to time, the capital continues to grow. I use the skills developed during the workshop managing a work-team and in my personal relationships. I have greatly improved my ability to help individuals and teams get the best out of themselves and this has in turn been a significant benefit to the organization I work in.”

    - Gerald M., Manager, Research, Data Analysis and Reporting, BC Ministry of Education

  • “Our goal is to introduce a coaching approach to management that focuses on inspiring people to take the lead wherever they are in the organization. CCU’s Coaching Clinic helps us shift from a traditional to a more inclusive, empowering style of management, and people are excited about it.””

    - Bub H., Manager, Leadership and Coaching, British Telecom

 Coaching Clinic Licensing Program (CCLP)

Upcoming 2024 Dates:

All courses are listed in New York or Singapore time. 

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Singapore Time
Mon, Sep 30, 2024 - Thu, Oct 3, 2024
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Mon, Sep 30, 2024 - Thu, Oct 3, 2024

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What you will learn

  • Benefits and challenges of being an organizational coach
  • When you should step into the role of coach — and when to step out
  • Coach U’s unique 5-step process of coaching in the workplace
  • Core coaching skills for peak performance and accountability
  • Effective coaching practice opportunities with professional coach and facilitator feedback, utilizing skills from the 2-day Coaching Clinic™
  • Effective ways to influence your team to bring out the best
  • How to market public and external 2-day Coaching Clinics
  • How to sell a 2-day Coaching Clinic to decision-makers in your organization
  • How to get potential enrollees excited about participating in an upcoming Coaching Clinic, and the Coaching Conversation Model
  • Tips on how to deliver the Coaching Clinic across cultures

The Coaching Clinic Licensing Program includes all the materials needed for the successful delivery of Coach U's 2-day Coaching Clinic.

Coaching Clinic Participant Guide

Coaching Clinic Facilitator Guide

Coaching Conversation Model Card

Robust Online Library of Downloadable Resources

Coaching Clinic Licensing Program FAQs
When can I start?
What are the terms of the license?
What happens after I am licensed?
What are the enrollment policies?

Check out the program dates above to see which dates and time zones work best for you. Purchase 45 days before the program starts and receive an early-bird discount. Registration generally closes 2 weeks before the new student orientation. While we list specific time zones for each program, we welcome anyone in other time zones if the time difference works for you...sometimes it can even be better for you depending on your schedule!

Ongoing support and resources available to licensed facilitators:

Coach U help desk for ongoing support

Community forum for licensed facilitators to share tips and advice

Continual updates and innovations to the 2-day Coaching Clinic

Customizable marketing materials and other sales support

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