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The path to mastery in coaching is a balanced act between polishing our skills and deepening our own self-awareness. Everyday, our challenge is to find the equilibrium between form and flow. Bottom line, coaching is a human-to-human experience and it is when we embrace this ongoing exercise of BECOMING that we can find our authentic place in the coaching process.


Episode 57 - Leader Pushback

July 5, 2023
In a recent conversation with a leader, they shared some of the “pushback” they’re receiving due to having more of a coach approach to their leadership style. As a leader, they recognize the benefits of being more coach-like as it allows people to step into their strengths and ...

Episode 56 - People Grow from Connection

June 19, 2023
One of our guiding principles is "People Grow from Connection." We need to be with people. Some of us like small groups, some large groups, but make no mistake, we need people. The pandemic certainly highlighted what happens to us when connection has been compromised. In our conversation ...

Episode 55 - How We Do Anything Is How We Do Everything

June 1, 2023
Recently a question was posed - where has coaching made an impact in your life? Response – where hasn’t it made an impact? How we show up in one area of our life, will likely be demonstrated in other areas of our life – hence, “How we do anything, is how we do ...

Episode 54 - Coaching...The Musical

May 1, 2023
Often, we hear newer coaches share they don’t have many clients and therefore can’t practice and hone the skills needed to coach well. We would argue that coaching and the related skills can be found anywhere, anytime….even at a musical production like Hamilton! Coaching is ...

Episode 53 - Curiosity

April 17, 2023
Curiosity is a foundational skill in thinking differently, problem-solving, and innovating. As coaches, curiosity goes hand in hand with asking good questions, supporting our clients in developing a growth mindset, and tackling change. Curiosity is linked so closely with success because it drives ...

Episode 52 - Coaching vs The Coach Approach

April 4, 2023
We often hear that people share they’re “coaching “ in their roles at work. How does one distinguish between coaching and using the coach approach? What are the differentiators? What’s important about recognizing the differences? There ARE significant differences. Join us ...

Episode 51 - Simplify Your Language

March 15, 2023
Have you heard the saying, “less is more?” Succinct, clean language in coaching along with holding space, can make a huge difference in your conversations. Join us, won’t ...

Episode 50 - Simplify Your Life

March 3, 2023
Living a life of authenticity has so many rewards. It allows us to be our best self, regardless of circumstance. This often means we’ve done the work of prioritizing what/who is most important in our life and how we can simplify life in order to experience those benefits. This is not always ...

Episode 49 - ACC, PCC, MCC Distinctions

February 16, 2023
ACC, PCC, MCC. What makes them different from one another? Apart from the required hours, what really is the significant difference in the quality of coaching at each level? This is a topic with several layers – we hope the brief distinction we provide here, allows for a general ...

Episode 48 - Ongoing Learning

February 2, 2023
Being mindful and deliberate with our learning is an example of Competency #2, Embodies a Coaching Mindset. We are invited to continually learn and develop ourselves, including our coaching skills. Coach U now offers a fast track for our Phase 2 of our coaching training program, the Professional ...

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