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The path to mastery in coaching is a balanced act between polishing our skills and deepening our own self-awareness. Everyday, our challenge is to find the equilibrium between form and flow. Bottom line, coaching is a human-to-human experience and it is when we embrace this ongoing exercise of BECOMING that we can find our authentic place in the coaching process.


Episode 40 - Why Personal Foundation?

September 15, 2022
In a recent Becoming a Coach (BAC) class, the question asked was, “what makes Coach U training different from other training schools?” With no hesitation, the answer was, “our personal foundation program!” Our intentional attention to our own journey is critical in ...

Episode 39 - The Use of Reflection

August 31, 2022
So many different tools and techniques are used to support our client’s movement forward. One not often discussed is the intentional use of reflections. What makes them so useful and how can we become more skilled in offering meaningful reflections? And what’s meant by the term ...

Episode 38 - Transformational or Transactional

August 15, 2022
Transformational vs Transactional coaching. What’s the difference? How does one benefit the client more than the other, if at all? What’s required of us as coaches to provide valuable conversations with our clients? In this episode, we discuss these questions and ...

Episode 37 - Credentialing Update

August 1, 2022
We’ve discussed the credentialing process before, and we thought we’d briefly touch on it again to highlight the changes and what students would need to be mindful of given the changes that will take place August 1, 2022. The good news is that, as was before, you’ll be prepared ...

Episode 36 - Here & There

July 18, 2022
Developing our skills as we understand what the competencies are asking of us, is not always easy. An example of this is how we ask clients about their current situation and also help them design the desired future outcome. Helping them see where they are here and now and inviting them to look at ...

Episode 35 - It's Time to Celebrate

July 1, 2022
Celebrations are so important. They help us remember how far we’ve come and the good things that have happened along the way, big or small. On June 23, 2022, we had the opportunity to celebrate Coach U and the 30 years of contributions made to the coaching profession. We were privileged to ...

Episode 34 - Coaching Everywhere

June 15, 2022
Can coaching skills be used anywhere? Anytime? With anyone? Our thoughts….yes! The fundamental skills or competencies of presence, listening, asking questions can be used with anyone from a 2-year-old to the boardroom, and beyond. As Buzz Lightyear says – “To infinity, and ...

Episode 33 - Coaching as the Culture of Humanity

June 1, 2022
“Coaching as the culture of humanity” – a bold statement yet holds great truth. Who we are as coaches, the skills we spend countless hours honing, can transform relationships, personally and professionally. Just think, what would be the impact on a world where everyone was ...

Episode 32 - Past and Present

May 16, 2022
Past and present. How much of each has a place in our coaching? What do we as coaches need to understand about this concept in order to remain in the role of coach? When does the past become an issue where another professional would serve the client better? An interesting and complex topic with ...

Episode 31 - The Place for Authenticity

May 4, 2022
What does being authentic really mean and why is it important in our work as coaches? We come to coaching to learn how to “do” coaching and find there’s so much more to this profession. It actually invites us to step into who we know ourselves to be, when at our best and to ...

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