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Episode 13 - Meaningful Ritual in a Secular World with William Ayot

September 12, 2023
Author of Re-enchanting the Forest; Meaningful Ritual in a Secular World, William Ayot began leading men’s and mixed workshops in rehab and prisons during the early nineties. He later joined Wild Dance Events, organizing and hosting large-scale men’s events for teachers like Robert ...

Episode 12 - The Connection Between Coaching Mastery and Self Mastery with Cheryl Procter-Rogers, MCC

June 21, 2023
ICF Global Board Vice Chair and Associate Director for Ernst & Young’s Americas Coaching Practice Cheryl Procter-Rogers joins us for an invigorating conversation about the privilege of being a coach and how a coach’s own journey to mastery includes a dedication to ...

Episode 11: Changing the World with the Spirit of Ubuntu with Dr. Dumi Magadlela

October 6, 2022
Join us for a captivating discussion with Dr. Dumi Magadlela, co-founder of the Ubuntu Coaching Foundation (UCF). Ubuntu, simply put, means “I am because we are”, and derives its power from a deep philosophy which holds the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all ...

Episode 10: Are We on the Path to Making Coaching the Culture of Humanity? Here’s What the Science Says

July 28, 2022
Coaching has made great progress in the past 30 years. It’s influenced society’s collective narrative and behaviors in many ways, both in personal lives and businesses. The late Thomas Leonard, founder of Coach U, the ICF and professional coaching itself, used to speak often about ...

Episode 9:  The Neuroscience of Coaching - with Irena O'Brien

February 24, 2022
Join us for an engaging conversation with Dr. Irena O'Brien, founder of The Neuroscience School. Dr. O'Brien cuts through all the hype and marketing around neuroscience with facts and science-backed information. With over 20 years of research and study in the field of neuroscience, ...

Episode 8:  The Mutual Learning Approach for Team Performance with Roger Schwarz

September 1, 2021
More than ever, effective leadership requires us to work as a team, but many leaders struggle to get the results they need. When stakes are high, you can't get great results by just changing what you do. You also need to change how you think. Organizational psychologist and leadership ...

Episode 7:  Organizational Health Overhaul to the Federal Aeronautics Administration, Flight Standards Division in Washington DC with Becky Ramsey

August 1, 2021
Join us for a deep dive into what it really takes to bring a coaching initiative to an entire government agency with Coach U grad Becky Ramsey PCC, the Senior Advisor to the Director of Flight Standards. This U.S. government administration is literally responsible for keeping planes in the ...

Episode 6: A Coach Approach to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion with Mary Vinette, PCC

July 1, 2021
Join us for a candid and engaging conversation about diversity and inclusion with Coach U grad Mary Vinette, PCC. Mary shares her experience bringing a coach approach to a corporate wide initiative for Technicolor where the goal is to have a truly diverse and inclusive culture where employees ...

Episode 5:  Birthing the New Humanity with Julie Gerland

June 1, 2021
“Our world is in turmoil and current major global challenges are affecting everyone and everything on our planet. Whilst the situation seems overwhelming with little hope of real lasting change, we actually stand before an unprecedented opportunity. We have the chance to make a quantum ...

Episode 4:  The Power of Self-Organization with Author Harrison Owen

May 1, 2021
Author and creator of Open Space Technology, The Practice of Peace and his last book, Wave Rider: Leadership for High Performance in a Self-Organizing World, Harrison Owen has explored the ways in which the powers of self-organization might lead us to peace and greater prosperity — if we ...

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