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Are You Ready for a Transformative Executive Coach?

April 14, 2021
I previously wrote about how to choose an executive coach. This article is from the other side: Are you actually ready to work with a transformative executive coach? Some executive coaching is not meant to be transformative. It is more transactional and didactic. Perhaps someone became an ...

No Such Thing as Time Management

March 22, 2021
Here is yet another example of a phrase created by the self-help industry. The first mention of time management appeared in the 1950's when Dwight Eisenhower made his famous quote: "The more important an item, the less likely it is urgent, and the more urgent an item, the less likely ...

Being Before Doing. A Case for Coaching 'Who'

March 8, 2021
Many of us became coaches because we wanted to significantly impact the lives of those around us. We noticed that we were gifted at helping others reach their potential and we made the decision to devote our careers to doing so. To create lasting change in a client’s life, we must learn ...

Get Your Affairs in Order Before It Is Too Late to Do So

February 22, 2021
The old joke “If you want to give the Gods a laugh, tell them your plans” summed up my 2020. A cancer diagnosis, surgeries, various treatments, and a slow recovery meant my intentions for the year took wings and flew out the window. As devastating and frightening as it was at the ...

Tips to Help You Stay Focused on Your Goals

February 10, 2021
This article was originally published on COACHA E-Newsletter on September 9, 2019. Tips to Help You Stay Focused on Your Goals So often I hear from my clients “I really want to get unstuck, get focused and achieve my goals but I get discouraged and give up.” Yes, setting goals can ...

10 Transformative Practices

January 25, 2021
10 Transformative Practices Are you seeking less stress, more satisfaction, and a better balance in your life? If youcarry on with your daily activities in the same ways you always have, you’ll end up with the same results. Invite change by shaking things up with a new approach. Adopt one ...

What’s the best investment you can make in communication?

January 13, 2021
I bet the answer isn’t what you think it is…. Communication is made up of three main elements: speaking, writing and listening. We learn to speak when we are very young thanks to our parents/care givers. We learn to write at school thanks to our teachers. When and where do we learn ...

The Camino Lessons

December 15, 2020
In 2008, when my sister Catherine asked me “would you like to walk the Camino de Santiago with me?”, “yes, I’d love to” flew out of my mouth. Although I knew little about it, my heart immediately soared at the thought of shutting my office for five – six ...

Fact + Curiosity: A Formula for Better Communication

November 24, 2020
Many leaders avoid having difficult conversations because they are not sure how to start them. I’ve developed a simple formula that applies to many if not most of those conversations. My executive coaching clients say it is one of the most useful tools I’ve given them and that ...

We speak the same language…don’t we?

November 11, 2020
As a coach, have you ever wondered why your clients sometimes look at you strangely and even ask you to repeat the question? As a mentor, I listen to many recordings and when that happens, what I notice is that often the ‘language’ the two people are using is not necessarily in ...

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