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Episode 5:  Birthing the New Humanity with Julie Gerland

By with Julie Gerland   June 1, 2021

Our world is in turmoil and current major global challenges are affecting everyone and everything on our planet. Whilst the situation seems overwhelming with little hope of real lasting change, we actually stand before an unprecedented opportunity. We have the chance to make a quantum leap in human evolution. Increasingly people are waking up and hearing the call for a paradigm shift, a need to participate and “birth the changes” we wish to see in the world within ourselves and in the way babies are conceived, develop, born and live their infancy as this lays the foundation for life-long health, wellbeing, intelligence and our perception of our environment as either hostile or friendly.”  

Julie Gerland - Co-founder/CEO BirthTheChange® & Birthing the New Humanity Global Movement 

Julie Gerland shares her passion for a peaceful thriving world as a co-author, international lecturer, workshop facilitator and professional trainer. She and her husband François spearheaded the first UN accredited NGO on prenatal education at the United Nations where their team contributed to the recognition which culminated in the recent Nurturing Care Framework for Early Childhood Development adopted by most governments. Julie is the co-founder of BirthTheChange® and Birthing The New Humanity - a Global Movement which helps people, professionals and thought-leaders make the paradigm shift in the personal and professional lives. Julie has given a TEDx talk, featured in the media and has been awarded several international awards including an honorary doctorate in Holistic Medicines. She is currently a UN Representative for the Noble Institute for Environmental Peace and lives with her husband in the French Pyrenees where they co-founded, Providence, a holistic retreat.

Below find the podcast video, audio and transcript.

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