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Episode 2: Power: A User's Guide with Julie Diamond, Ph.D.

  March 1, 2021

Dr. Julie Diamond, author of Power: A User’s Guide, explores the many problems and promises of being in a position of power and how we can harness power for its greatest use.

Dr. Diamond's research and work with leaders has focused on the problems of power— the ways power is expressed and how it impacts culture, interpersonal dynamics, decision-making, and leadership ability. Her groundbreaking book Power: A User’s Guide, dives into the problems and promises of being in a position of power. From parenting to world leaders, Dr. Diamond takes us on an interesting and deep dive into understanding power and how it can be used to build and encourage human potential, or shut it down before it's ever realized. 

Dr. Diamond is the founder and CEO of Diamond Leadership which provides innovative leadership and talent development services, including coaching, consulting, assessment, and training to its global clients. For over 25 years Julie has been at the forefront of creating transformational learning and leadership solutions across a range of sectors and disciplines, from graduate degree programs to leader development programs. 

Below find the podcast video, audio and transcript.

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Podcast Transcript


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