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The following are currently active Professional Mentor Coaches, accepting new students/coaches under the provisions of the special Coach U Mentor Coach Program. We recommend that you make initial contact, requesting an interview, via e-mail. You should receive a response back from each Mentor Coach that you contact within 24-48 hours business hours. If you have any questions or experience any difficulty, you may contact

All Coach U Mentor Coaches listed are ICF certified coaches as designated by PCC or MCC. Also, all are Coach U certified Professional Mentor Coaches (PMC).

 Carly Anderson, MCC - Laguna Hills, California                     

My personal philosophy is that we are all seeking to be and become the best version of ourselves. I know I am! Excellence and Continual Evolution are important values for me. Along with Connection and that we have mutual respect, and can laugh together too! I have a passion for supporting coaches gain more confidence as professional coaches. I do that through deeper understanding of the ICF Core Competencies as they are so rich! For example, by studying Coaching Presence, we work on your personal growth and development. Understanding how to form the Coaching Agreement, hear more of what client is saying, and craft responsive questions, will deepen your confidence too. I use a balanced feedback approach based on evidence from your coaching, as it’s important to understand strengths coach demonstrates, as well as opportunities for continued development. My mentor coaching focuses on core competency development to meet 10 hours required to meet graduation and ICF Certification standards. Since 1998, I’m an experienced leadership and executive coach, and enjoy working with clients motivated to change, consciously contributing to evolving themselves, and positively affecting the people they impact.

Jennifer Anderson, PCC, PMC - Portland, Oregon                 

Do you want a coach who has a great sense of humor and the ability to be light even in the most challenging of situations? Do you want someone who will ask a lot of you, and help you remember what you really want? Do you want a coach who really understands what it takes for a coach to grow themselves and their business at the same time? Do you want someone who is highly intuitive and has fun with it? I've built a fun, thriving practice using all these traits and I can help you do the same. I'm a faculty member for Coach U, and host of the Public Speaking SIG.  Be sure to visit the testimonials and mentor coach resources section of my website.

Jan Austin, PhD, MCC, BCC, PMC - Black Mountain, NC                     

I delight in working with mentees who want to translate what they care passionately about into value for others and build a thriving coaching practice in the process. Since 2001, I've supported coaches aspiring to work with organizational leaders and teams to hone their coaching confidence and skill--to move beyond technique into polished coaching that fosters great results. I also support them to calibrate and enact strategies for attaining the gratifying, well-paying work they most want. Clients appreciate my ability to balance honest communication with compassion and heart in my coaching. As a certification assessor with ICF and Coach U for over a decade, I bring astute observation and clarifying insight to support mentees to excel in their coaching and cultivate their distinctive coaching styles. If you're ready, let's just jump in right where you are and play it from there! I'll happily join you from my perch in the western North Carolina mountains.

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Jille Bartolome, MCC, CCUG, PMC - Florida

I am passionate about working with coaches to build the business, coaching skills, and personal development necessary to succeed as a coach. I have been positively and completely changed as a human being by becoming a successful Master Coach. I want the same for you. That is why I work best with coaches who are ready to invest in themselves and their journey towards finding their own brilliance as a coach.  I am a deep listener, who challenges and guides my Mentee to find their own authentic voice. I am intuitive, heart-centered, and direct. My highest value is fun, so while we do the serious work of building your coaching skills and/or coaching business, we will also have a good time. My background is in Small Business Success, Corporate Management, Executive Recruiting, and Sales. I am also an artist and an outdoor adventure enthusiast.

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Diane Bonneau, MCC, PMC - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Provides Supervision


I work with coaches who want to take their skills and their business to the next level. I offer supervised coaching sessions with written feedback, and I am generous with tools and resources that will support you in diving from the “big diving board”. My coaching style is intuitive and direct with a focus on results while trusting your natural rhythms and flow. I offer 2 – 1-hour coaching sessions per month. I am a Coach U Certified Coach and a member of faculty at Coach U. I am very active within ICF Global as an SME (subject matter expert) and my local ICF Chapter. I look forward to fully supporting you with the Coach U and the ICF credentialing process. What my clients say: “Diane is a role model for the art of coaching. She is impeccably intuitive, charming, honest and wise. She has an innate ability to consistently strike a perfect balance of listening and challenging me, and she does it with such finesse.”

Brenda Ellington Booth, MBA, PhD, PCC, PMP – Evanston, IL USA


One of the most joyful experiences I have is to work with new coaches who want to grow and develop themselves as well as their coaching skills. I take an inside-out approach with all my clients and coaches. I believe all of us first need to understand and tend to ourselves to truly show up in ways that allow us to reach our fullest potential and serve others. I love to partner with coaches who are ready and willing to explore themselves and start (or continue) the process of becoming comfortable in their own skin as they move into the profession of coaching.

I have taught at the Kellogg School of Management for over 20 years. I am a proud graduate of Coach U and have been able to transform my career around coaching while at Kellogg. For the last 10 years, I have taught and coached MBA students and executives on their personal leadership journey and coaching skills. Many of my students have gone on to become successful coaches.

Steve Borek - MCC, PMC, BCC, MBA                       

I'm a Coach U Faculty member and host of the Profit Lounge SIG. We'll take the ingredients of who you are, your newly acquired coaching skills, your vision, and my wealth of business and client experiences (I've seen a lot,) and throw it all in a blender to create who you want to become. Quotes from mentees who've experienced my mentor process: "Knowledgeable, inspirational, genuine, experienced in a got the 411 on what's happening in the world kinda way, trustworthy, energetic, nonjudgmental, truly getting me into action and making me feel I can do it, engaging, compassionate, thoughtful, motivating, professional, helpful in my success, proficient, real, delivers above what's expected, empowering, supportive, easy to understand, safe, no pressure, ultra mega patient, and fun."

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Cynthia Callluori, PCC - Toronto, Canada
416-410-7914  Ext: 1    

As an expert in coaching skill development and organizational change, I enjoy supporting the evolution of coaches that are working internally in organizations or those externally that are interested in work in this area.  The range of support I can give spans:  Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Training, Coaching and Communications Development and more.  My work in these areas is often partnered with Mentoring Coaching Skills development for Certification.  I am passionate about coaching and what it can do to support the evolution of not only individuals but groups, organizations and global communities.  I’d be happy to have a conversation with you to see if we are a match as you work through Coach U’s curriculum, professional credentials and ultimately evolving the work you do with coaching.


Chrissy Carew, Hall-of Fame MCC, CCMC, PMC - Nashua, NH                    

I love working with coaches at all levels of experience who passionately embrace life or want to learn how. I work best with clients who are trailblazers and possess an indomitable will and are relentless in their pursuit of elevating the world to awe-inspiring heights. I inspire my clients to reach for the ultimate state of human fulfillment by wholeheartedly embracing their gifts and ferociously sharing them with others. I will challenge you to expand your horizons so much so that you eagerly jump out of bed each morning eager to start a new day. I will assist you in uncovering your most joyful way to build/expand your coaching skills, your coaching business and ultimately yourself. You will tap into more of your wisdom by holding greater respect for who you are and by embracing more fun and lightness. I invite you to contact me for a complimentary and confidential coaching session.

Chrissy's Find A Coach Profile click here

Cassi Christiansen, MCC, PMC, BCC - Bend, Oregon
I believe coaching is a calling. A call to bring forth and share your magnificence with the world and in doing so, you give others permission to do the same. Building a coaching practice isn't always easy, but it doesn't have to be hard.  I love working with people who have a big vision, see themselves as a leader and are light-hearted, soulful, spiritual, intuitive and love to have fun. Prior to coaching I spent 14 years in the corporate world as VP of HR.  If you are ready to shine bright and share your light with the world, let’s chat to see if we are a good fit!

Cassi's Find a Coach Profile here

Philip Cohen, MCC, PMC - Las Vegas, NV

Few artists master their craft without having great mentor.  I’ve been teaching and mentoring coaches since 1995.  I’ll challenge you while creating a safe space, and adapt to match how you learn.  Together we’ll bring out your best.  Lets see if we’re a good fit.

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Duncan Coppock, MCC, CUCG, PMC - UK                            
44 208 123 2484               

Trained with Coach U in 1998 and on faculty since 2001. I lead both self-paced courses and the Fast Track. I will support you as you integrate your learning (including bridging cultural differences), develop your practice and become ICF credentialed. I have worked with a very wide range of clients in both personal and business areas. These include executives in Finances, Media, Retail, Communications, Government, the NHS, Charities, Theatre, Universities and Colleges. Have 30 experience in personal and spiritual development and my book, The Self Factor (foreword by Sir John Whitmore), is recognized as a resource for coaches and other professionals.

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Grace Durfee, PCC, PMC                          
978-689-7446 or 888-833-1903        

Are you ready to experience flow in life and work for you and your clients? I love helping coaches use their gifts to create transformation! I use a holistic, intuitive approach to support coaches in finding enjoyable and effective ways to grow personally and professionally. I’ve been coaching since 2000 and have been a Coach U faculty member since 2004. I offer individual and group mentor coaching as well as supervision.  Supervision may include core competency development, certification preparation, session reviews, written feedback, and recommendation letters. Please contact me to schedule a complimentary exploratory session.

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Ann Fogolin, MCC, PMC - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

My practice includes clients from a wide variety of backgrounds at all levels of professional seniority and has designed focus on increasing personal development, managing career development and honing leadership skills. Through mentor coaching we would focus on three areas: personal foundation development; coaching development and practice development. Similar, aren't they?  I believe a cohesive approach works best to insure my clients are best equipped to assess and make choices that will be of most benefit for them. As a professional mentor coach, finding out how and why people do what they do is what drives me. I specialize in helping people be curious about the way things are, determining how to make improvements and then creating a link between the two. I am a PCC, Coach U and Corporate Coach U Faculty member and course leader and full time coach. I have a number of additional certifications which you can find on my website: Having fun is an essential component to everything I do! Please feel free to contact me, so we can chat and see if we're a good fit.

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Lerae (Frisby) Gidyk BA PMC MCC - Scotch Creek, British Columbia Canada

The phrase, “If you are working too hard, you are not coaching.”, is what I have heard myself say repeatedly over the last 15 years as a mentor coach and faculty member at If this statement resonates with you, call me! It is time to take your skills and coaching practice to new levels of effectiveness while leaving the hard work behind. Our clients do the work, right? I can assist you in getting clear about what these and other coaching clichés mean in the reality of a coaching conversation. I believe that you come to coach training with a natural talent for being effective, and it is through practice, feedback and support that you can integrate all you have learned and your personal style into who you are as a coach. You are the change you seek.

Lerae's Find A Coach Profile click here


Leah Grant, MCC, PMC - Encinitas, CA                                   

I have been mentoring new coaches for two decades since they fit perfectly with my niche market of working with service-based business owners.  My approach combines practical business building advice with coaching on marketing yourself and developing into who you need to be to be successful as a coach.  I am a long-time Coach U faculty member and ICF member. I am great at providing valuable supervision feedback. I am a published author, the creator of Ecstatic Meditation, and I have experience podcasting, blogging, speaking, networking, designing and teaching workshops and webinars, and creating and marketing online products. I work with clients worldwide.  I offer a 30-minute no-charge interview to see if we are a fit. I welcome hearing from you!

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Moty Koppes, MA, MCC, PMC -  Newport Beach, CA

As a long-standing faculty member of Coach U, I have broad experience teaching the core competencies and the marketing tools needed to build a successful coaching practice. As an ICF assessor, I also constantly evaluate whether aspiring coaches have the skill sets needed to become credentialed practitioners of this rewarding profession. Coming from a background in psychology and having lived and worked in many countries on three continents, I have been coaching fulltime since 1991. My clients include entrepreneurs, professionals and business executives from all walks of life and different cultural backgrounds.  I have a passion to use my extensive coaching (and life) experience to help you reach your goals, whether this is developing your business, building a strong personal foundation or honing your core coaching competencies.  Feel free to give me a call.

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Belinda MacInnes, MCC, PMC - Australasia                
61 439 080 663                    

Congratulations on commencing your coach training with Coach U.  In 1999 I was just like you, overwhelmed, yet excited about what to do next on the journey as a new coach. As your Professional Mentor Coach I'll assist in illuminating the path forward. I have been coaching full time for over 2 decades in my own business; I'm a Master Certified Coach with the ICF; the 2008 President of the ICF Australasia (ICFA); and the First Vice President of the Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches (APAC) for 6 years. I'm also the author of the Professional Coach's Business System Revisited; a Coaching Clinic Licensed Facilitator; an ICF Assessor, and I love to get the work done while having FUN!!!

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Claire Palmer, PCC, PMC - UK
44 1403 270108      

What do you want as you develop as a Coach? Personal Coaching? Skill Development? Reflective Practice? Practice Development? What would you like from your coach in each of these areas? These are some of the questions I ask the coaches I work with. They are all passionate about being the best they can be whilst enjoying themselves and developing a coaching business that's just right for them. I’ve been a career and executive coach for over 10 years, am a trained supervisor, an ICF assessor and understand the coaching market. Always happy to have an exploratory conversation to see if I’m the right mentor coach for you.


Simone Peer, MA, CUCG, PCC, PMC - Key West, FL

Preparing Coaches to MAKE IT, so They NEVER have to FAKE IT!
If you’re a coach, new or seasoned, who is tired of suffering from “Crappy Coach Syndrome,” then it’s time you stop feeling like a coaching fraud or imposter and start feeling like a coach who has gotten their stride. When you get your coaching stride, you hear what you used to miss, you ask powerful questions without struggling to create them and the voices in your head pushing to you to tell the client what to do and focus on fixing the problems go radio silent, so you can stay present, curious and potent. Coach U’s philosophy includes the whole of you too, the more you grow, the better coach you become; the clearer you get on your marketing message, the easier it is to get clients and grow your practice. We call the 3 P’s of Mentoring: Personal (foundation), Professional (skills, competence) and Practice (business) Development. What's it like to mentor with me? "I never believed I could have grown so much in so little time."  "...for the first time I truly felt like a coach!” “You take my ramblings and get to the heart and key of them and help me see that.” If this is what you want to be able to do, then we might be a great fit. If you want to grow into that level of confidence in yourself, your abilities, and your business, which right now might feel unimaginable and then make that happen for others, then set up a no-cost discovery session to explore what you really want from mentoring and to see how we fit. Coach U Faculty Member since 2004. Host of the Coach U Newcomers SIG and Coach U’s Christians Coaching SIG.

Simone's Find A Coach Profile click here


Pamela Richarde, MCC, CCMC, PMC - Oregon               

I coach from a holistic perspective, mentoring coaches not only on building a business or internal coaching program, providing supervision on honing their coaching skills, but on the whole of their lives. Standing in the firm belief that we are co-creators of our lives, my goal is to empower all whom I partner with to recognize and focus their individual gifts--assisting in designing their lives around the full expression of these.  I work with a high level of intuition, followed by direct, honest communication, always joyfully standing for my client's greater good.  Background in the Arts, Entertainment, Education, Small Business & Corporate Management.

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Barbara Richards, MCC, PMC - Vancouver, Canada

Ready to grow your practice? I love to mentor coaches at all levels, from just stepping out to building your ideal practice. My mission is empowering people to discover their brilliance and build a business or career path that leverages it. My background includes over a decade of experience as a career transition specialist with talented high performers. I've been joyfully and profitably self-employed for 20 years with an international coaching practice. I am passionate about people learning how to make a (very good!) living, living their dream. I offer two mentor coaching services: 1) Coaching Practice Development focusing on coaching development, business development and personal foundation development); 2) Certification Readiness, working both one-on-one and in mentor coaching groups. To explore working together, let’s set up a complimentary session.

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Dr. Joel M. Rothaizer, MCC, PMC  - Edmonton, AB & Boulder, CO  

My work is in organizational consulting, executive coaching, and leadership training. Our foundation includes integration of developmental models, practical neurobiology, and systemic/contextual thinking. I believe that 90% of our effectiveness as coaches has to do with who we are as human beings, our own personal development, and I’ve developed extensive expertise using the Enneagram toward that end. I also assist my clients in thinking and acting at higher levels of complexity and effectiveness. I enjoy facilitating skill development, along with other areas of mentor coaching . In a previous life I worked as a psychologist. 


Amy Ruppert Donovan, MCC – Chicago, IL

The road to mastery is a journey into understanding yourself and your craft. It goes way beyond your training, experience and efficacy as a coach. It takes pushing through your own barriers, both external and internal, in order to liberate your fullest potential. When you ask this of yourself, you can then ask it of the people you coach. The coaches I take on to mentor are ready for this challenge. They are as dedicated to their own growth as they are to the technical aspects of their craft. They have a thirst for excellence and are willing to do what it takes to serve the people they coach in the very best way. I have had a robust coaching practice for over 20 years and work mainly with senior corporate leaders in a wide range of industries. I have also held many leadership roles myself within the coaching profession. Amongst them, I had the honor of serving on the ICF committee that developed the core competencies for coaching and have trained and assessed hundreds of coaches for ICF certification since then.


Elias Scultori, MCC, CUCG, CCLP, HC, MM, PMC
Provides Supervision


My approach is organic, holistic and inclusive. To be successful in our industry, a coach must have a command of the coaching skills. As a member of the ICF Assessors’ community, I stay current with the latest developments in our community and our profession’s best practices. This is a crucial asset that I gladly pass on to my mentees. But skills development is not enough! Besides this essential foundation, it is also imperative for a coach to develop a sharp business strategy that is fully grounded in their own personal identity and values. My years of experience working in the marketing world of the NYC area as well as my decades of involvement in pastoral ministry complements the business development and personal foundation work I do with my mentees. As I like to say, “If you are a coach, you also need a coach.” Skills, Business and Personal growth; this summarizes the long-term endeavor of an effective coach and this is the commitment I have with you.


Helene Van Manen, MCC, PMC - Colorado                           

I specialize in supporting new coaches to develop their Coach Persona. Together we will combine your past skills, training and talents with your passion to set you on a course of success. My mentor coaches attract clients according to their own pace. I also train Coaches to be Retreat learn how to be financially successful offering retreats for women, business teams, couples. I am a master at helping clients create strong systems for making money as coaches as well as having FUN! I bring my background as Music Therapist, Small Business Owner, Nationally Known Children's Performing Artist and mother of special needs' child to my expertise in working with clients who are dynamic.

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