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Professional Essentials Program

(Formerly Coach U's Advanced Programs)

What new skills do you want to gain in order to further polish your coaching skills and continue to develop your coaching practice?

The Professional Essentials Program (PEP) is geared towards external and internal coaches seeking to expand their depth and scope of offered professional coaching services. This program is broad and will prepare coaches, leaders and managers to masterfully coach both individual and corporate clients.

Within the Professional Essentials Program (PEP) you are provided with a total of 204 available hours of coach training in coaching core competencies. Of these available hours you will complete a minimum of 72 hours of course work; 60 hours of required courses and 12 hours of elective courses. Upon graduation of the program, and completion of our Phase Three (oral and written exams) participants may apply for their PCC (Professional Certified Coach) credential with the International Coaching Federation.

The Professional Essentials Program (PEP) is accessible to both Coach U Core Essentials Graduates and transfer students from other ICF accredited programs.  Transfer students may enroll in Coach U’s Professional Essentials Program - Transfer (PEP-T), after completion of an entrance exam. 

For those interested in PEP-T

The Professional Essentials Program – Transfer (PEP-T) provides individuals who did not complete their core program with Coach U the opportunity to continue their training within the Coach U learning environment. To qualify for enrollment in this program, individuals must have their ACC designation from the ICF.  An entrance exam is required for enrollment in the PEP-T and an exam fee of $375.00 will apply.  Those who successfully complete the entrance exam will then be enrolled into the PEP-T.  The cost of enrollment into the PEP-T is equivalent to the cost of the PEP.

Coach U’s Professional Essentials Program (PEP)

Professional Essentials Program participants will complete a minimum 72 hours of required and elective courses, for a total of 149 hours of coach training in our system (the 149 hours include the Core Essentials Program or equivalent).

Our course offering is extensive in the Professional Essentials Program. As a participant you determine your pace and your path. Each student will create a unique schedule. You will decide what you want to take and when, depending on your interests. The ongoing, weekly courses work in the same way that coaching works. Ongoing, spatial learning allows us to learn, implement and adjust with accountability.

In addition to accumulating coach training hours for Coach U graduation, you will also continue to accrue and document client coaching hours and mentor coaching hours. Once participants complete all requirements for PEP graduation, along with Phase Three, which includes a written and oral exam, you will be able to apply to receive your Coach U Certified Graduate award, which equates to the standards required for ICF’s Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential.

Coach U’s Professional Essentials Program will provide you with the theory you need to support your credential with the ICF. We believe your primary target is the PCC designation.

  • Who Should Enroll


    • Coach U’s Core Essentials Graduates (CEGs) and transfer students who want to be highly successful full-time coaches.
    • Seasoned coaches wanting to stay engaged in rich conversations with other successful coaches from around the world.
    • ICF-credentialed coaches (PCC’s and MCC’s) committed to accumulating several years worth of coaching CEUs for required renewals, or ACCs who want to continue with a reputable ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP).
    • Experienced coaches, consultants, professionals, trainers, business owners, and others interested in communicating with a coach approach, becoming more influential and making a positive impact.
    • Individuals looking for intermediate/advanced level coach training coursework.
    • Individuals with the intent to become well-trained credentialed coaches.
    • Coaches seeking to become highly competent internal or external business and/or corporate coaches.
    • Coaches looking to blend the Coach U approach with other philosophies.

  • What you will experience and have access to in Coach U’s Professional Essentials Program


    • Participation in a higher-level conversation than found in the Core Essentials Program.
    • Comprehension of the distinctions and subtleties of demonstrated core coaching competencies at the ACC, PCC and MCC levels.
    • Refined knowledge of the ICF’s 8 Core Coaching Competencies and vital integration with the ICF PCC behaviour markers.
    • The Professional Essentials Program has a total of 204 hours available to participants. Of these 204 hours, participants are required to complete:
      • 60 hours of required courses for graduation, including the 12-week Advanced Coaching Skills Supervision Practicum (this class is held as a group supervision of coaching skills course, with individual and collective support and feedback) and a diverse selection of advanced coaching practicums focusing on core coaching competencies for personal and business coaching
      • 12 hours of elective courses for graduation, you will determine which courses you take from the diverse set of elective courses offerings and when these courses will be most relevant. The remaining courses, not required for graduation, can be taken later for Coaching CEUs or for your next level of credentialing.

  • Course Information

    There are a broad range of courses offered throughout the Professional Essentials Program in both the required and elective areas.

    Core Modules

    • Coach’s Personal Foundation Level 2
    • Coach’s Personal Foundation Level 3
    • Personal Foundation Practicum
    • Personal Coaching Conversation
    • Business Coaching Conversation
    • Corporate Coaching Conversation Model
    • Corporate Coaching Conversation Model™ Practicum
    • Personal Coaching Styles Inventory
    • Advanced Coaching and Supervision Practicum
    • Ethics in Coaching


    Elective Modules

    • Situational Coaching Forum:  Coaching the Executive
    • Situational Coaching Forum:  Coaching the Entrepreneur
    • Situational Coaching Forum:  Coaching the Manager
    • Situational Coaching Forum:  Coaching the Professional
    • Situational Coaching Forum:  Coaching the Sales Professional
    • Small Business Success
    • Business Turnarounds
    • Assessments for Coaching
    • Diversity Issues
    • Coaching Business Teams
    • Internal Corporate Coaching
    • Life Planning
    • Spiritual Path
    • Intuition
    • Attraction
    • Creating the Vision
    • Coaching the Essence
    • Overview/Skills for Group Coaching
    • Group Coaching Practicum
    • Strong Start – Business Development Lab
    • Marketing and Selling – External Corporate/Business Practice
    • Marketing and Selling for Private Practice
    • Assessments for Coaching
    • Organisational Development
    • Mastery in Coaching

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