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Advanced Corporate Coaching Program (ACCP) Module Summary

Core Modules

  • Professional Foundation
  • Professional Foundation Practicum
  • Corporate Coaching Conversation Model
  • Corporate Coaching Conversation Model™ Practicum
  • Personal Coaching Styles Inventory
  • Advanced Coaching Skills Supervision Practicum
  • Ethics in Coaching

Elective Modules

  • Situational Coaching Forum:  Coaching the Executive
  • Situational Coaching Forum:  Coaching the Entrepreneur
  • Situational Coaching Forum:  Coaching the Manager
  • Situational Coaching Forum:  Coaching the Professional
  • Situational Coaching Forum:  Coaching the Sales Professional
  • Assessments for Coaching
  • Diversity Issues
  • Organisational Development
  • Coaching Business Teams
  • Internal Corporate Coaching
  • Attraction
  • Creating the Vision
  • Coaching the Essence
  • Overview/Skills for Group Coaching
  • Group Coaching Practicum
  • Strong Start – Business Development Lab
  • Marketing and Selling – External Corporate/Business Practice

You will find a description of each of the Advanced Corporate Coaching Program modules here.

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