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Thrive in the Spotlight of Video

With Cat Williford
Tuesday, June 22 - 9:00-10:30 PM US ET
9:00-10:30am Hong Kong time, June 23rd
11:00am-12:30pm Sydney, Australia, June 23rd

The number one thing that derails most people on video is their discomfort of being on camera.  Unless being a movie star is your goal, the camera and audience can feel intimidating! And that intimidation squashes even the most confident person’s presence. Therefore, their engagement, communication and effectiveness as a coach, trainer and leader is diminished.

Cat Williford, a former professional actress and MCC, will share three key strategies from her years on stage and camera to ensure you achieve successful outcomes in all your video interactions! 

She will also cover:

  1. Presence - sometimes thought of as poise, confidence or even charisma. Nope, says Cat! “Presence is essential life force energy that we all have!” She will share how to consciously connect with your unique essence quickly, leveraging both physical and emotional intelligence. 

  2. Engagement – one definition is establishment of meaningful connection and contract with others. Cat takes it a step further and will reveal how to build trust quickly and put others at ease, or in the emotional state you want them to be in, for ultimate engagement. 

Whether you run training sessions via Zoom, want to be a great expert guest on podcasts, or host your own show, these strategies and tools will support you to shine (and be invited back!)

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