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Using 360 Assessments in Your Practice

Wednesday, June 9 - 9:00 AM London
12:00 PM Dubai
4:00 PM Hong Kong
6:00 PM Sydney

As organizations face more complex, fast-changing and inter-dependent environments, they need to adapt and change in order to survive and grow. Original research by Professor Harry Schroder at Princeton and London Universities, looked at all the evidence, measured these changes and identified the ‘High Performance Behaviors' required by leaders, individuals and teams to succeed in this dynamic environment. Our webinar will briefly look at the research, discuss the value of 360 tools and demonstrate one example.

Our guest presenter Bob Hughes will highlight key features of My360Plus, including:

  • Innovative feedback and development system for individuals, teams, and enterprises
  • Multiple language options for questions and reports
  • Clear, easy to understand profiles people can really work with
  • On-going feedback and goal-setting tools
  • Coaching tips and help to support long-term development

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