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Becoming a Coach Book

Our Gift to You: A complimentary 150+ page “Becoming A Coach” e-book

With over 25 sections of content, this book has answers to not only the frequently-asked questions, but also the SHOULD-ASK questions need to know about the coaching profession. You’ll learn:

  • How to help your clients get better results, both personally and professionally
  • The difference between a coach and other professional roles… and there is a difference.
  • How to leverage these skills to get better results in the job you already have
  • The tools successful coaches use in their work with clients
  • 4 different ways to get clients lining up to hire you!
  • Tools, templates, and checklists that you can put to use right away.

To gain immediate access to our complimentary Become A Coach e-book, please enter the required details below. You will receive a link to download the book and you’ll have the tools and answers you need to take your life, career, business or organisation to the next level.

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