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Core Essentials Fast Track Program (CEFTP) – Modules

CE-101 Coach U 

This class is an introduction to policies, procedures and other important information required to begin your journey at Coach U.  Students will be required to review our most current policies and procedures manual and take a test surrounding this material.  A 30-minute virtual course will complete the course.  This class will allow the opportunity to ask questions and find out more about the Coach U learning environment.

CE-110 Coaching Fundamentals

In this module, you will begin to understand the profession of coaching and evolve your own personal expression of the definition. You will examine the coaching core competencies identified by the International Coach Federation and the steps involved in developing a coaching relationship that will provide continued structure for progress and growth. You will gain knowledge of the Coaching Ethics for Internal and External Coaches and learn how to apply these ethical principles in various coaching scenarios.

CE-115 Ethics in Coaching 

This course is an introduction to the ethics of the coaching profession by the standards of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  You will explore each of the elements of the standards and apply your learning to case studies and discussions.

CE-120 Guiding Principles

By fully participating in the material offered in this module, you will gain an understanding of Coach U’s Guiding Principles of Human Interaction. These represent the fundamental theories and principles about people in interaction, which coaches generally accept as true.  You will recognize the existence of these principles in yourself and others whether in a personal or organizational setting.

CE-130 Context for Coaching

By participating in this module you will learn how to effectively craft a coaching relationship to connect strongly with your coachee. You will be able to clearly distinguish between coaching and other professions and become familiar with the coaching framework and several core coaching models that integrate into the structure of a successful coaching conversation.

CE-140 Coaching Mindset

In this module you will learn the elements that are considered reflective of Embodying a Coaching Mindset, as defined by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and years of coaching experience of master coaches.

CE-210 Listening

By participating in this module, you will increase your understanding of the common elements of listening effectively to your coachees. You will be able to use the various listening skills to know what to listen for, avoid listening pitfalls and use the skill that is most appropriate at any place in a coaching conversation. You learn to move freely and easily between the different types and focuses of listening. You will also learn to listen for clues that indicate where a person is on his/her path of development, along with whether the issues presented are best referred to another type of professional.

CE-212 Language

In this module you will learn to identify you and your coachee’s preferred language and learn to continually choose the language that, in the moment best conveys meaning, inspires, challenges or clarifies. You will become aware of how your coachees use language to explain, defend, inform, describe and ask for what they want, need and value. In the process of learning about language and its forms and uses, you will expand your everyday skill to express yourself and be able to help others to do the same.

CE-214 Questioning

Powerful questioning is at the core of effective coaching. By participating in this module, you will learn to craft and deliver great coaching questions. You will learn how the type, timing and impact of a coach’s questioning differs from that of the typical way questions show up in most conversations, and how you can direct the flow of the coaching interaction for optimal benefit for the coachee.

CE-218 Messaging

Messaging is a powerful coaching tool that opens the possibility for a shift to occur for coachees. In this module you will learn the elements of what to say and how to say it, so that your use of messaging is effective and valuable to the coachee. You will become familiar with the mechanics of messaging, including the two main methods used at various times with a coaching interaction, as well as the limitations and pitfalls.

CE-220 Acknowledging

By participating in this module you will learn how to effectively use the powerful tool of acknowledgement to help your coachees achieve their vision. You will learn the framework of acknowledging, including the methods and stages, and even the perils. You will be given practical tools and information about skills, discernment of, and attitudes regarding acknowledging, and you will know the pitfalls and promoters of effective acknowledging.

CE-225 Core Skills Practicum

This course is intended to focus on the practice of the core coaching skills that are covered courses: Listening, Language, Questioning, Strategizing, Messaging, and Acknowledging. Each participant will coach and receive feedback on their current demonstration of ability from the faculty, their peers and a self-evaluation.  The feedback offered to the participant will be used to guide their further training and development. To receive credit for the course, each participant must coach, be coached and turn in feedback forms on all observed coaching sessions. Coach-the-coach occurs by faculty.

CE-310 Situational Coaching

In this module you will gain a basic understanding of common personal or professional conditions experienced by a coachee. While coaching cannot be done based on a single formula or recipe, it is possible for a coach to use some of what is understood about various types of coachees to create a framework from which to develop a coaching plan.

CE-315 Application Practicum

This course is intended to focus on the application and use of the core coaching skills and models learned in the core essentials program.  This is an integration class, where the ICF core competencies are the filters for feedback on the use of the skills and models in the dance of an actual coaching session.  Particular attention will be paid to how the skills show up and reflect the ICF competencies. To receive credit for the course, each participant must coach, be coached and turn in feedback forms on all observed coaching sessions. Coach-the-coach occurs by faculty.

CE-320 Establishing Yourself As a Coach

This module is designed to prepare you, as a new coach, for your first 3 to 24 months toward establishing yourself as a coach. The course will lead you step-by-step through the items essential to successful design of your coaching, introduce you to a new coachee intake process, and teach you the hallmarks of achieving on-going coaching success. The information in this course is intended to apply to coaches working as external or internal coaches, though some of the information may be more relevant to one type of coaching practice than another.

CE-415 Coach’s Personal Foundation 

This personal foundation course will accelerate your own personal development and growth. This course is intended for you as a coach and an evolving individual, to do the work for yourself as a part of your foundation to becoming not only an excellent coach, but a fulfilled individual.

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