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CEFTP Enrollment Policy

The Core Essentials Fast Track Program (CEFTP) consists of four unique courses, delivered either in-person or completely virtually: 

  1. The one-hour New Student Orientation;
  2. The 6-day Intensive Program; and 
  3. The four-week/2-hour per week Establish Yourself as a Coach course. 
  4. An eight-week/1 hour per week, Core Skills Practicum (either CE225 or CE315) 

Within the above, participant must also complete online course test and log client coaching hours.

The above four courses and inclusions, must be successfully completed in order to graduate.  Make sure you schedule in your calendar the dates and requirements.

Any missed portion of the program, will require make-up course hours.

Attendance Policy

Coach U has a strict attendance policy for in person and virtual Course sessions. Missed time and/or courses will have to be rescheduled or made up and may include a processing fee. The Core Essentials Fast Track Program is part of our Accredited Coach Training Program by the ICF, and Coach U adheres to the academic and attendance requirements for accreditation.

Missed Sessions

New Student Orientation 

If unable to make this session, participant may still attend the 6-day Program as planned. However, it is a benefit to attend this orientation to obtain important information about the program. If unable to make this session, participant will be required to review the Core Essentials Program Orientation zoom course, to make up for the hour missed. (Note: This may serve to give information on the self-paced courses that are included as a perk after completing the CEFTP required training hours). 

Intensive Program & Follow-up courses

To ensure that all participants benefit from a smoothly run and high-quality experience, all participants must be present for the first full day of the intensive portion of the course.  If missed, they may be required to re-schedule and participate in another event.  If any other portion of the six-day intensive is missed, hours must be made up.  Additionally, successful completion of the Establishing Yourself as a Coach and the Core Skills Practicum courses are required before graduation will be granted.

Reschedule Policy

If needed, a participant can reschedule / re-enroll into a future intensive Core Essentials Fast Track Program, occurring within one year, or they can choose to transfer into the self-paced Core Essentials Program (CEP) within one year. 

Time Frame to Complete the Core Essentials Fast Track Program

Core Essential Fast Track students have six months from the last meeting of the Establishing Yourself as a Coach course to complete requirements for graduation and submit their application. Submission for application as a Core Essentials Graduate after six months will incur additional fees.

Core Essentials Program virtual courses Option

Upon completion of the Core Essentials Fast Track Program, participants are automatically enrolled in the Core Essentials self-paced program, delivered via Zoom, for six months free of charge. Please note that participation in the Core Essentials Program is optional and is not required for Core Essentials Fast Track Program Graduation.

Important Notes about CEFTP Tuition

Tuition for our intensives or in person events, including the Core Essentials Fast Track Program (CEFTP), must be paid in full at least two weeks prior to the start of the event. 

Coach U has a 30-day, full-refund policy, less administration fees, that is only applicable prior to the start of the CEFTP training. Enrollment in any of our programs is not transferable to any other individual should you be unable to complete the program for any reason.

Payment Plans

Coach U is happy to offer a variety of payment plan options. Please contact Admissions to discuss additional possibilities.


If eight (8) or fewer participants enroll, Coach U reserves the right to cancel the program. Should this occur, tuition will be refunded in full. If the canceled program is one that was offered as a face-to-face/in person program, Coach U is not responsible for airline, hotel and related costs that may be incurred by you due to cancellation.  Coach U will make every effort to notify participants about any cancellations 30 days prior to an in person program commencing.


In order to ensure a rewarding learning experience, it is essential that students maintain the confidentiality of all participants. There will be the opportunity to learn about one another, personally and professionally. The ability to share life and work experience comes from a place of trust that all discussion during the training, in person or virtually, is confidential. Confidentiality is a key component to the professional coaching relationship, and it is key to the creation of a positive training environment. 

*All policies are subject to change.

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