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Strategic Skills for Managers, Leaders and Coaches

Today’s highly competitive business environment demands that individuals and organizations perform at higher levels and with greater speed than ever before. Leaders and employees alike must place a new emphasis on individual and collective learning and creativity. The Coaching Clinic™ provides both the technology and process to develop a new workplace model to achieve these goals. Participants also have the opportunity to become licensed to facilitate the Coaching Clinic.

What is the Coaching Clinic™?

The Coaching Clinic™ is a two-day program where executives, managers, HR professionals and leaders learn crucial coaching skills and competencies. Individuals gain an in-depth understanding of the coaching process.

Benefits of the Coaching Clinic™

Through the Coaching Clinic™, organizations and individuals can:

  • Discover coaching as a powerful model of management, mentoring and leadership
  • Experience and practice “state-of-the-art” coaching tools
  • Learn the structure and skills to immediately enhance performance
  • Position the organization for rapid growth
  • Make major advances in professional and personal connections as well as apply learning within the workplace immediately

What does the Coaching Clinic™ do?

The Coaching Clinic™ effectively trains individuals in the skills necessary for coaching within an organization. It is a fully developed model, which managers, leaders and coaches can implement immediately in their organisation to:

  • Promote innovation and accelerate results
  • Effectively develop and retain valuable organizational members
  • Improve organizational communication and team effectiveness
  • Deepen commitment to personal, professional and organizational goals
  • The Coaching Clinic™ challenges participants to raise their standards for their own skills and competencies

Who Should Attend?

This clinic is suitable for:

  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Human resource professionals
  • Quality development professionals
  • Leaders at every level who want to learn advanced communication and organizational leadership skills

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