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Customised Corporate Solutions

We support organisations in determining the right programs for them at the right time, based on their immediate needs and long-term objectives.

Corporate Coach U’s Corporate Solutions team supports our international clientele with Professional Coaching Services, engagements and a variety of in-house customised training events including, but not limited to:

  • 6-day Internal Core Essentials Fast Track Program in your offices
  • 2-day Internal Coaching Clinic in your offices
  • 2-day Internal Coaching Clinic V6 Licensed Facilitator in your offices
  • 4-day Internal Coaching Clinic Licensing Program in your offices
  • 2-day Internal Essential Conversations for Developing Others Program in your offices
  • 4-day Internal Essential Conversations for Developing Others Licensing Program in your offices 
  • 1-day Internal Personal Coaching Styles Inventory Workshop in your office
  • CCU’s Proprietary Top-Down Approach to Creating a Strong Corporate Coaching Culture in your office

Contact us on the form below to learn more about our in-house offerings.  We offer many global events throughout the year, so it’s always a good idea to contact us well in advance so we can source the perfect solution for your team.

Programs for Individuals and Organisations

To learn more about our most popular public programs for individual participants, click on the following links:

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North America:
1-800-48COACH or 1-800-482-6224

Non-North American:

Australasia, India and Middle East:
61 2 9531 8988

Africa, Europe and UK:
44 20 3014 8933

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Connect with Us

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