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Core Essentials (CE) and Core Essentials Fast Track (CEFT) Graduation Requirements - Phase 1

Core Essentials Students may choose which graduation requirements they would like to follow:

For more information visit Curriculum Changes 2022 Q&A page

GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS –Level 1 equivalency model- Effective March 1 2022
Any student enrolled or starting their CE or CEFT program on or after March 1, 2022.
By completing these requirements you may apply for the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Credential using the Level 1 application path at ICF.

Download a helpful graduation checklist.
CEP Graduation Checklist – Level 1 equivalency
CEFT Graduation Checklist – Level 1 equivalency

To achieve the Core Essentials Graduate (CEG) designation, each student must:
For Core Essentials Students
For CEFT students:

1. Complete 78 hours of coursework including:

CE101: Coach U 101, CE110: New Coach's Orientation, CE115: Coaching Ethics, CE120: Guiding Principles, CE130: Context for Coaching, CE140: Coaching Mindset, CE205: Group Laser Coaching Practicum I, CE 210: Listening, CE212: Language, CE214: Questioning, CE225: Group Mentor Coaching Practicum II, CE315: Group Mentor Coaching Practicum III, CE321: Establishing Yourself As a Coach (4-week), CE415: Building Your Personal Foundation, CE417: Coach Mentoring & Assessment (individual), CE419: Bridge to Coach Success


  • If you enrolled into the CE/CEFT before March 1, 2022 and would like to switch to Level 1 equivalency model, you must be within your 15-month completion time to do this.
  • If you are near completion of the CE, and want to move to Level 1 equivalency model, a $129.00 US/mth extension fee may apply in order for you to complete the additional courses needed for Level 1 equivalency.
  • If you are a graduate of the CE/CEFT and would like to now take Level 1, a $750.00 USD Refresher fee for 6 months access to complete those additional Level 1 equivalency requirements will apply.

Please contact Client Services to determine if an extension fee will be required for your specific situation.




GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS – ACSTH coach-specific training hours equivalency model- Pre-March 1 2022
Any student enrolled or starting their CE or CEFT program before March 1, 2022.

By completing these requirements, you have met the coach-specific training hour required for ICF’s Associate Certified Coach – ACSTH path.  Other requirements such as client coaching hours, mentor coaching, performance evaluation will be necessary via ICF application to obtain your ACC.

Download a helpful graduation checklist.

CEP Graduation Checklist – ACSTH equivalency
CEFTP Graduation Checklist – ACSTH equivalency


To achieve the Core Essentials Graduate (CEG) designation, each student must:
For Core Essentials Students
For CEFT students

1. Complete 77 hours of coursework including:

CE-101: Coach U 101, CE-110: New Coach's Orientation, CE-115 Coaching Ethics, CE-120: Guiding Principles, CE-130: Context for Coaching, CE-140 Coaching Mindset, CE- 210: Listening, CE-212: Language, CE-214: Questioning, CE-218: Messaging, CE-220: Acknowledging, CE-225: Core Skills Practicum, CE-315: Application Practicum, CE-320: Establishing Yourself As a Coach, CE-415 Building Your Personal Foundation (formerly CE-410)


For CE students: complete all graduation requirements within 15 months of enrollment date

For CEFT students: complete all graduation requirements within 6 months of the LAST day of the - Establishing Yourself as a Coach. 

* If the deadline is not met, students may continue their graduation progress by setting up extension fees of $129.00 USD per month until requirements are complete.

Other Requirements
Performance Evaluation
Graduation Processing
Pursuing Certification

A performance evaluation must be completed in order to meet Level 1 CE Graduation.  When you apply for graduation, you will be enrolled into CE417 – where you will submit a 30 min recording of a client coaching session for review.  You will work with a mentor coach for 3 one-on-one sessions, who will review your coaching session and provide a final, written assessment of coaching skills. You must also provide a written transcript of your session. In order to successfully complete the performance evaluation, you must be coaching at or above the ICF ACC level. 

This course will take 4 weeks to complete.  Once completed you will finalize your remaining graduation requirements in the CE/CEFT Graduation course.

** You may transfer 3 hours of mentor coaching from an existing mentor, who is a PCC or MCC. However, you must submit a recording and complete the performance evaluation in order to graduate.