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Advanced Coaching Program (ACP) Graduation Requirements


Download a helpful graduation checklist.
ACP Graduation Checklist

To achieve the Coach U Graduate (CUG) designation, each student must:

1. Pre-requisite: Graduate from the Core Essentials (CEP) or Core Essentials Fast Track Program (CEFTP)

2. Complete a minimum of 72 hours of coursework: 

  • Personal Foundation Levels 2, 3 and Practicum (A-420, A-430 and A-435), 24 hours
  • Business and Personal Coaching Conversation (A-601 and A-701), 8 hours
  • A-926 Advanced Coaching & Supervision Practicum (12 hours)
  • A-915 Ethics in Coaching (4 hours).
  • Additional electives: 24 elective hours

3. Complete and log 200 client coaching hours (minimum of 10 clients, at least 50% paid)

4. Agree to uphold the ICF's Code of Ethics

5. Obtain a letter from a PCC or MCC coaching supervisor/mentor that has observed your coaching (Additional Fees Required). This letter must also include specific feedback on an observed coaching session, with reference to each of the ICF core coaching competencies. (Feedback received in A-926 does not meet this requirement). The letter must also include the observing coach's recommendation of your current coaching level (ACC/PCC/MCC).

6. Complete all these requirements within the 3-year timeframe. The timeframe start date is either your Core Essentials graduation date, or your ACP enrollment date, whichever is the later.


Please complete the ACP graduation application below. Once submitted, you will be enrolled into the ACP/ACCP Graduation Course where you will complete the final steps to graduation i.e Mentor letter submission, etc.

ACP Graduation Application


Graduation from the Advanced Coaching Program (ACP) fulfills the course-hour portion of requirements toward applying with the International Coach Federation (ICF) for the ACC or PCC Level credential using the ACSTH (Accredited Coach Specific Training Hours) application. Additional requirements must be met, see for details.

In order to qualify for ICF's ACTP application for the PCC credential, you must first apply through and pass Coach U's Certified Graduate (CUCG) process. Click here for a full description of requirements and application process.

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