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Fired! Coaching through it...

October 8, 2020
Fired! Coaching through it... The world has changed vastly in the past six months and our new normal includes many of our clients, friends and family being fired, laid-off or furloughed. Coaching is even more crucial now as we partner with our clients and most important, humans on their journey ...

Yikes! What to do when you’re worried your client is about to make a big mistake

September 28, 2020
Early in coach training, you learn that the coachee is 100% responsible for making the choices about their direction and the actions they will take to get where they want to be. This is so important that one of our guiding principles is that people always have a choice. But what do you do when ...

Is Unconscious Bias Relevant to Coaching?

September 16, 2020
Is Unconscious Bias Relevant to Coaching? I was involved in a (heated) online discussion on whether unconscious bias is relevant to coaching. My social injustice trigger went off. The result of that is a bit like a horse that has run away with its rider. I go somewhere fast but sometimes in ...

Three Ways to Establish Quick Rapport

August 11, 2020
Three Ways to Establish Quick Rapport. Genuine Curiosity and Interest Fact: Everyone, even the most introverted person, loves to talk about themselves. I have yet to meet a functioning human being that doesn’t love it when someone takes an authentic interest in them and what’s ...

Busy is the New Stupid

August 11, 2020
Busy is the New Stupid. The two luxuries of the 21st century are space and time. Therefore, I was drawn to this clip of Warren Buffett and Bill Gates which is called “Busy is the New Stupid”. Being busy is not a status symbol, yet some of us and some of our workplaces seem to ...

On Being a Disruptive Change Maker

July 15, 2020
On Being a Disruptive Change Maker We are experiencing what some are calling the great unraveling as we find the systems and structures (and the thinking that created them) now woefully inadequate for the creation and sustainability of a world that works for everyone. As change makers – ...

Bringing Out the Best in Others at Work

July 15, 2020
This article was originally published on COACHA E-Newsletter on August 19, 2019. Bringing Out the Best in Others at Work Perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions by managers everywhere is "How do I motivate my people?" The answer is you cannot. What you can do is ...

Tune In

June 15, 2020
Tune In. We live in a world in which we are constantly bombarded with external stimuli. At any given moment, there are multiple layers of sounds. There is the swishing noise of traffic, the rustle of leaves in the wind, a ringing phone, elevator Musak, the hum of a computer or refrigerator, ...

The Real Reason Leaders Need Mindfulness

June 15, 2020
The Real Reason Leaders Need Mindfulness. Most leaders don’t understand why mindfulness is essential to building their overall capacity and effectiveness. At best, they see mindfulness as stress relief or a relaxation technique. In this article, I’d like to encourage you to explore ...

5-Ways to Handle Change – Gracefully

May 15, 2020
(photo by Elias Scultori – “Change of the Guards”). If there is one thing we can certainly count on in life, is change. The world is in a constant state of flux – moving, growing, expanding, retracting, renewing. Everyday is different. Every moment is new. Even if we ...

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