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Who Are Coaches ?

Coaching is very attractive to individuals with already successful careers, perhaps because it gives people an opportunity to do what they most want to do – help others grow. Because the coaching profession is not a traditional career, most of us didn’t know that coaching was an option when we planned our careers.

Who becomes an independent professional coach?

There are thousands of occupations in the world today, and coaches come from virtually all of them. It’s common to see consultants, therapists, trainers, human resource professionals, healing arts professionals and all types of managers transition into coaching. And, it’s common for attorneys, accountants, business owners, engineers and even ministers to enter the field of coaching. Coaching skills benefit everyone who works with other people and wants to achieve better results.

What if I don’t intend to become an independent professional coach?

During the last several years at Coach U and Corporate Coach U, we have noticed that at least 40% of our students plan to continue in their current professions with a competitive edge, or continue working with their current employers in a different way. With training in coaching skills, they learn to incorporate their new skills, models, techniques and technology into their professional lives.

For example, some therapists add coaching to their menu of counseling services, whereas other therapists migrate completely to coaching. A manager who wants to better manage and motivate staff might enroll in one of Coach U and Corporate Coach U’s programs to improve his or her communication and management skills. He or she will also learn how to coach others and how to develop leadership skills in others.

Where are coaches coming from?

Coaching is a viable career option and most coaches come from other professions and career tracks. Other people who enter our programs are coaches without training who want to improve their skills  and become credentialed coaches.

Some Coach U and Corporate Coach U students are in career transition and begin building coaching practices while they study. Others are happy in their careers and will add coaching skills to their repertoire. Some work part-time as coaches, while working in another field.

Others transition out of the corporate arena to become full-time coaches before they retire. Business schools, corporations and prominent national magazines recognise the value of coaching in any personal or organisational environment. Coach U and Corporate Coach U’s training programs and resources add attractive, marketable skills to any resume or curriculum vitae.

Healthcare and Healing Professionals

Physicians, dentists, nurses, chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and personal trainers usually coach part-time or integrate their coaching skills in their practices to help them better understand human behaviour, communicate more effectively with their patients and clients to further their progress, and build teamwork among their staff.

Professional Service Providers

Half the professionals who take coach training, including attorneys, accountants, realtors, brokers, insurance agents, professional organizers, business consultants and computer consultants migrate from their current profession to becoming full-time coaches within four years. The other half continue in their profession, but benefit from coach training to assist their clients more effectively, in less time, and also strengthen their own Personal Foundation in order to become more productive, avoid burnout and generate higher incomes.

Business and Personal Consultants

Consultants include those working in the areas of management, small business and executive consulting, organisational development, industrial psychologists, marketing consultants and others. Consultants use their coaching skills to enjoy a more rewarding, long-term, lucrative, and less stressful professional life.

Corporate Employees

A corporate employee might be a manager, executive or CEO. Perhaps he or she works in human relations, as an executive director, project manager or sales professional. Corporate employees learn coaching skills to become more effective with their staff, create a more effective and empowering corporate culture, and help their staff develop professionally. Our Corporate Coaching Program is especially designed for Executives, CEOs, Managers and Business Leaders, who want to get well trained as a coach or to integrate coaching into their leadership style.

Our Corporate Coaching Program is especially designed for Executives, CEOs, Managers and Business Leaders, who want to get well trained as a coach or to integrate coaching into their leadership style.

Independent and Creative People

Creative or independent people such as entrepreneurs, small business owners, actors, dancers, singers, writers, engineers, scientists, researchers and architects. They come to Coach U and Corporate Coach U to add coaching to their career repertoire, build a steady income stream, and help others design and implement a more creative and fulfilling life.

Helping Professionals

The helping professions include counselling, therapy, psychology, ministry and others. After receiving coach training, many therapists and counsellors enjoy a better and more productive relationship with their clients, empowering them to be responsible for their own lives rather than trying to “fix” their problems. Coaching also gives them higher fees, as well as the convenience and flexibility of working at any time from any place.

Trainers, Presenters, Speakers and Educators

Those who train and motivate people can benefit from learning coaching skills, because it helps them work more effectively with groups, provides a stable and consistent income stream, and builds their network.

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