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Pathways to Coaching

For those desiring to become professional coaches, our participants begin with either:

which is the first part of our fully-accredited ICF ACTP-approved Programs.

After receiving the Core Essentials Graduate designation, qualified coaches can apply for their ICF Associate Certified Coach credential via the ICF’s ACSTH application. (The Core Essentials Programs are ICF-ACSTH approved.)

Next, coaches participate in the Professional Essentials Program (PEP) until they receive their Coach U Graduate designation.

Then, they complete additional requirements to receive their Coach U Certified Graduation designation, which is an ICF ACTP Program. This means that these Certified Graduates may seek to apply for their ICF Professional Certified Coach credential via the ICF’s ACTP application.

Our most popular offerings

Coach U’s Accredited Coach Training Program Track (ACTP) for those interested in part-time/full-time coaching as an internal or external professional coach

  • Core Essentials Program (CEP) and Core Essentials Fast Track Program (CEFTP)
  • Coach U’s Professional Essentials Program (PEP)

Licensing Programs for those interested in training foundational coaching skills to managers and leaders in the workplace

Leadership Development and Coaching Skills for Managers and Leaders for those interested in taking a coach approach with their direct reports in everday workplace conversations

  • Coaching Clinic(CC)
  • Personal Coaching Styles Inventory (PCSI)

Courses and Webinars

Private, on-site internal coach training programs at your location

  • Coaching Clinic (CC)
  • Coaching Clinic Licensing Program (CCLP)
  • Core Essentials Fast Track Program (CEFTP)
  • Managerial and Executive Coaching Services

A bit about Distance Learning Courses

The courses included in our ICF-designated ACTP Programs are all delivered via distance learning for your convenience and flexibility via Zoom technology.  So, with hundreds of elective hours in our advanced programs, you’ll embark on a unique learning journey based on your needs.

  • Weekly course meetings.  Enroll online for as many courses you want per month, depending on your schedule and pre-requisites. Most Courses start the first week of each month and are delivered in 4-week block lasting for 1 hour a week; some courses are 8 or 12  weeks in length. Classes are offered Monday through Thursday for our global participants convenience. 
  • Practice Labs and Practicums.  Our programs include practice labs to practice coaching skills, receive coaching, and observe and evaluate coaching skills.
  • Weekly Fieldwork.  In addition to reading the course materials, participants are expected to complete weekly fieldwork to fully implement and integrate learning.  Also, you can expect e-mail tips from faculty and classmates in between weekly sessions.
  • Global Collaboration.  We strongly encourage our coaches to develop a strong community of like-minded people all developing their coaching skills just like you!  This will support all of your coaching endeavors.
  • Regular newsletters.  Coach U sends out regular student-only newsletters with various tips and pertinent information.

Definition of a Client Coaching Hour

For purposes of individual credentialing for Coach U designations, a client coaching hour is 60 minutes of coaching time with a person who has hired you as a coach, with whom you have a formal coaching agreement, and who you coach rather than provide any other service such as consulting, training or therapy.

If you perform coaching and other services for a client, you may log only the actual time spent coaching; you may not record the time in providing other services.

Additionally, time spent coaching during Coach U courses or in conversations with coaching colleagues (such as buddies and peers) will not apply towards graduation and certification.

For graduation and certification purposes, only submit hours for professional coaching relationships where there is a formal coaching agreement. When submitting an application for ICF credentialing, please refer to their current definition of a client coaching hour.

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